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The Creative Path. What’s the Point? Where Does It Lead?

Fall sky in Madison, WI.

On the road again.

Why do we create things? It’s so that we can share, isn’t it? I think that in the end, it’s about love. And even when it’s about hate, it’s about love. Isn’t that funny (in the odd and twisted sense)? But think about it. Expressions of darkness or wickedness are still attempts to connect with someone… awry, though they may be.

Sometimes we can be absolutely anywhere on earth–and we look all around us, and we feel like there is nothing. We could be in a desert, or in a major city. Is it ironic that someone with thousands of friends on facebook can still feel lonely? And is that comical, or sad? Or both? Sometimes, no matter the circumstances, the world seems empty, and we feel utterly alone. Does this mean that we are not looking hard enough? Or is it that we are not looking within?

Why do we experience sadness, resentment, or regret? Why do we grieve? We are missing something, yes? I think loneliness stems from the perceived absence of love, and yet, most often, this is merely a perception, and not the reality. It’s because we aren’t connecting or sharing–and sometimes we lack the energy to do so.

So let’s look at some of our most creative moments. What are we feeling when breakthroughs occur? Exhilaration, joy, inspiration, excitement, and ecstasy. Where do these feelings come from? I believe they come from within–and from a standpoint of gratefulness. It’s common to get these feelings when we fall in love. Isn’t it true that when we fall in love, we let go of ourselves completely (more or less)? But we also give completely. It’s a mutual exchange of gratitude. Now, isn’t it also true that when we feel brokenhearted or destroyed, we have moments of clarity? By virtue of our suffering and struggling, we have breakthroughs and epiphanies. There is something about feeling raw and wounded that makes us open and fresh, once again–which can yield great moments of creativity. Perhaps this is a return to gratefulness. Be grateful, Creative Beasts, and SEIZE THE PREY.

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